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Thank you so much for all the positive feedback concerning the graphics...
I'm so glad you are enjoying them!

~Sites using GT graphics~

Please e-mail GT to include your site text link in this section. Include your site "name","URL" and brief description. Sites listed here must be using GT graphics (at least one) and have the required link back to Gentle Treasures.

*Please note - GT reserves the right to deny listings felt to be offensive or inappropraite for viewers of this family friendly site.
Rev. Coleman Carlisle
Nancy's Noteboard
Lilac Vintage
North Congregational
Deep Waters Ministry
Laurie's page
Welcome to my world
Zakka Christmas
Lovely Rose
...More to be added soon!

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Yes.... the GT web designer Carolyn Cavanagh is also a Christian singer/songwriter!!!
*Please note~ Proceeds from the GT design services contribute to my music ministry!!

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~Recommended graphic sites~

I would be happy to exchange banners with quality graphic, Christian and Victorian sites. Please contact to include your banner or text link on this page.

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