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Tenderly placed upon these pages are images created from deep within my heart. It is my sincere wish that these images delight you as much as I have delighted in creating them. My designs place emphasis on the meticulously crafted finished product. The pages of this site offer complimentary designs for your personal web site use. Custom services are available for graphics as well as web site design. To view the pages, please scroll down to the menu wreath. But before doing so, please read my Requests for graphic usage.

Enjoy your are always welcome here.

I invite you to read my devotional for July titled "Life is Like a Button?"
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What's New?
3 new Design Sets and 12 Wallpapers
added 7/10/2003

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Lovely extras

Picture tubes a little flash

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I invite you to read my devotional for July titled "Life is Like a Button?"
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