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Gentle Treasures icons

These little sweeties are deceivingly tricky to make and apply! But... when added to your web site, they are very rewarding indeed.

You may be thinking..."why do I want them, and what are they for?"

The graphic squares are called "short cut icons" When loaded into your image directory, they will appear on the browser bar next to the page URL. They will also be placed next to your page URL on another persons "favorites" list. (after they book mark your site page) Isn't that fun!!!...what a lovely way to make your bookmark stand out! ( I have my logo displayed on the bar above...if you are not seeing it, do the* "wiggle trick" listed below)


Instructions for icon use

1. Do NOT right click and save the icons! They are displayed here as .gif images and will not be recognized by the browser as an icon. The correct .ico images have been compressed into a zip file and are available for download.

Download zip file here

Once you have choosen an icon and exported it to your hard drive,
proceed to the next step.

2. There are two methods to load a Favorites icon:

The first method is - Create a Site-wide Icon - (favicon)

In the File Name field, assign favicon.ico as the new file's name; Copy this favicon.ico file to the root directory of the server which contains your web pages. If you do not have access to the root directory, you should place this file into each directory which contains your html pages. Note that some sites do not allow you to store icons. In such cases, you can upload your icons to one of the many free services, and then use the method described below to point to your icon(s)

The second method is - Create Icons for Individual Web Pages -
**(I like this method because you can add a different icon to each page)

upload the .ICO files to a publicly accessible location on your web server (or on another site, if your ISP does not allow you to store icons); In each document, you will need to create a link in its Header section to point to the location for that page's icon (the Header is the area between the {HEAD} and {/HEAD} markers).

Copy and paste this script into the "head" portion of your web page.
Substitute your web address for "" and substitute your icon's filename for "myicon.ico"

*A couple of things to keep in mind while using favorites icons...

Short cut icons can be stubburn! Often the changed icon won't show up on your screen. (This uaually happens when trying to replace one uploaded icon with another) But trust me...if the icons were made and loaded correctly...they are THERE! (I sometimes have friends check them for me to make sure)

Here are a few ways YOU can check them

1. Type in the URL of the icon. ex ...
if the image have loaded it correctly and (if the script is correct) it is displaying. mark or add your site page to your own favorites menu....if loaded correctly, it will display there.
3. The *"wiggle trick"- If you are not seeing the icon in the URL bar, left click on the icon that is being displayed. Hold down the button and slide the curser left to right a couple of times. (the" wiggle") I have found the new icon always pops up.

*Please be aware that Netscape and older browsers will not display the icons :(

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