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Please contact Gentle Treasures at with inquiries about purchasing this set.

~ Classic Design Set ~

This design sets includes 4 pages.
1.Splash page
2. Home page with menu directory
3. Coordinating page 3
4.Coordinating page 4

You may purchase this set (as shown) for $65.00 USD ( commercial and personal sites)

You may purchase a customized version of this set for $85.00 USD
-Customizing includes Business or site name on the splash page, Customized directory, Business card and up to 10 extra link buttons.

Church and non-profit organizations may take 10% off the purchase price.

* If you will be needing extra custom graphics and/or web design, please send me an e-mail detailing what you would like....and I will send a price quote.

My warmest thank you!
             Gentle Treasures