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Please contact me at with any questions about a set or services I will provide. At your request, detailed information reguarding payment will be provided.
I am so pleased you would like to purchase one of my design sets! I will be happy to help you with questions reguarding set up etc...
I am currently looking into "paypal" and other on-line payment services. But until one is set up, business will be done through the mail system.

~Gentle Treasures

Custom Graphics
These design sets are available for your home or business site. If purchased, the set package will be sent to you via zip file. The price for a set is as follows.

~Please select a design package~
#1 Graphics package -This package includes all the graphics seen on the page plus buttons dispalying "home", "back", "next", "links", "webrings". { A blank button is included for you to customize youself.} An html guide will also be included to aid in set up. This design set will be yours exclusively. However, a Gentle Treasures logo and link are required on the site where this set is placed.The price for this package is $50.00 US dollars.

#2 Graphics package plus This package includes all of the above, plus up tp 10 customized buttons, 1 custom title and custom page set up for one web page. The price for this package is $65.00 US Dollars.

#3 Graphics package full service This package includes all of the above, plus design of a web site with up to 5 pages. {extra pages are an additional charge...see *extras* below.} Plus up to 5 matching custom graphics. The price for full service will be determined after consultation. {Pricing for a standard web site is usually around $175.00 US dollars.}

~ Each additional web site page (along with a package purchase) is $10.00 US dollars.
~Customized buttons and titles are $4.00 US dollars each.
~extra customized matching graphics can be ordered at an additional charge. The prices will vary depending on the request. $5.00-$25.00 us dollars.
~ If you would not desire a Gentle Treasures logo on your site, you may include an extra $30.00 US dollars with your package payment. However, Gentle Treasures reserves the right to use your site as a reference if "full services" are used.